9 aussie slang definitions
  • Matilda

    Swagman's swag/pack - bedding - sleeping bag or roll
  • Swag

    canvas bag or cover that you keep all your belongings and bedroll in, to protect it from the weather when camping out
  • Swag

    Rolled up bedding etc. carried by a swagman
  • bluey

    A blue blanket; a swag.
  • matilda

    noun The old term for a swagman's bedroll, swag, pack, or sack which contained essentials (sometime complete belongings) when traveling in the bush by foot.
  • matilda

    Bushman's swag.
  • swag

    noun A swag is a bundle or roll carried across the shoulders, usually by itinerant workers.
  • swag

    A tramp's bundle.
  • wallaby, on the

    Carrying the swag.