6 aussie slang definitions
  • Sheila

    a woman
  • Sheila

    A woman - young female
  • bird

    noun a female, sheila, usually an attractive young woman
  • sheila

    noun A common term for an Australia female, usually single and probably good looking. It probably originated from the high number of female immigrants from Ireland named Sheelagh.
  • sheila

    A young lady.
  • tart

    noun/adjective/verb: Besides the open faced pie, type of pastry, this word also descibes a promiscuous woman. It once meant sheila, or sweetheart, but the term can now be used derogatory. Calling someone a tart doesn't seem as vulgar as saying moll or slag, and it is used more often to describe a flirtatious, carefree, and somewhat easy female. "To tart oneself up", means for a woman to get all dressed and made up to go out on the town. "Tarting around" means flirting around and could have the hidden meaning as to be sleeping around.

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