28 aussie slang definitions
  • Anyhow mate!

    a saying used to change the subject when talking (usually when bored with what is being said)
  • Bonzer there mate!

    that's great friend, ripper
  • Bung

    to put (bung another snag on the barbie mate!)
  • China/China plate

    noun Another word (rhyming slang) for mate.
  • Cobber

    Mate - friend - off sider OR partner.
  • Digger

    Australian Soldier (Vet) mate.
  • Good on ya mate!

    you are happy with what they are doing
  • Good-on-yer-mate

    Good for you - well done - congratulations.
  • Mate's Rates

    Discount, cheaper than usual for a "friend"
  • Mate

    buddy, friend, pal
  • Mate

    Friend - partner - offsider - buddy - someone close to you.