29 aussie slang definitions
  • Bitzer

    Mongrel dog (bits of this & bits of that)
  • Blue Heeler

    police OR Queensland cattle dog
  • Bluey

    noun Nickname for a redhead. Sounds weird, but that name is used instead of carrot top. Bluey also means, pack, equipment, traffic ticket, heavy wool or felt jacket worn by mining and construction workers, and blue cattle dog (named after its subtle markings) which is an excellent working dog.
  • Bluey

    Australian Cattle Dog [Blue Heeler]
  • Brown dog - "kick a Brown dog"

    you are going to get your tension out (figuratively NO, you don't kick a brown dog)
  • Dingo

    An Australian wild dog - a coward.
  • Dog and bone

  • Dog's Balls

    Stands out like: obvious
  • Dog's Eye

    Meat pie
  • Dog

    an ugly women, (not a term of endearment)
  • Dog

    Un-attractive Female - a bitch [ugly].